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Personality and Leadership Paper Assignment|

Psychology 1001: Foundations of Leadership |

Personality and Leadership Paper Assignment
What is the Keirsey Personality Test? The Keirsey Personality Test is an assessment that helps identify pre dominant personality traits in an individual through a variety of multiple-choice, critical thinking questions. I have completed this assessment and calculated my results based on the given Keirsey Score Sheet. Out of the four categories, which is: Extravert/Introvert, Sensing/Intuitive, Thinking/Feeling and Judging/Perceiving, I came to the conclusion that I am introverted, sensing, feeling and judging.

What is an introvert opposed to an extravert? An introvert is a person who is reserved, quiet and solitary while an extravert is said to be friendly and outgoing. Introverts likes to be alone, thinks before they speak, don’t elaborate and feel more comfortable around known people. On the other hand, extraverts are competitive, outgoing and not aggressive. Surprisingly the test results were accurate in labeling me as an introvert as this relates to my everyday life. For example, being in the Corps of Cadets is hard for me. I say this because you have to interact with individuals that you sometimes don’t even know. As stated above, introverts likes to be alone, so rather than interacting with individuals, I tend to lead more effectively by myself. Also, instead of my speaking to the individuals first, I have the tendency to let them talk to me. I am stereotyped as a quiet person and not to be messed with. Introverts also come across as more aggressive. These stereotypes could possibly affect my ability to lead because in order to be a leader, one has to interact with others and be outspoken in most cases. Also, my ability to follow could be affected because if I only deal with people I’m comfortable around, how would I become an effective leader? Last but not least, working with a...
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