Personality and Perception

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation, Psychology Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: March 21, 2013
1a. a leader who believes that he can control events that affects him may just be calm and think of a better solution on how he will negotiate and turn the events favorable to him. He may arrange a meeting with the union leaders and listen to their proposals but will still insist on the alternatives that will serve his purpose. He believes that these alternatives would be the only way out and he will not take any other options aside from it. 1b. a leader who relies on Machiavellianism may have the tendency to fight back and have armed guards out or just ignore the strike and close down the establishment. He doesn’t care about the needs of his employees he may just hire new employees than to negotiate and provide them all their demands. 1c. a leader with high self-esteem will come out and talk to the employees because he trust himself so much that he believes he can handle the situation appropriately. 1d. a leader with the ability to adjust his behavior to external, situational factors may also come out and talk calmly with the employees. He may listen with all the demands of his employees and will compromise all their needs. He may also come out with a solution that will benefit both parties.

2a. McClellands’s Three Need Theory- Need for Affiliation
A Certified Public Accountant would probably accept a teaching profession because of his belief that he can stalled values and left a mark in a student’s life and it’s a job where you can really feel you’re making a contribution to society. 2b. Alderfer’s ERG Theory of Motivation- Relatedness Need

A graduate of Fine Arts would probably enter the politics because he wants to change the social order or maybe he needs power, he like the salary, pension and benefits, the opportunities to travel and meet interesting people. 3c. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory- Self Actualization Needs A Student who finished Bachelor of Science in Accountancy would most likely work as a waiter because he needs to save money for...
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