Personality and Assessment Theories

Topics: Psychometrics, Personality psychology, Psychology Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Personality Assessment and Theories
Michelle R Brown
BEH 225
March 08,2013
Kahrna Washington

Personality Assessment and Theories
When we speak of what personality theory relates to which assessment, we should first discuss each theory, to understand it. The psychodynamic theory focus on the unconscious thought, feelings, motives, and conflicts. This can result from issues that have happened during one’s very early childhood. Projective test and personal interviews are used to try and find out about a person’s psychodynamic personality. Next we will talk about the humanistic view of personality theories. In this theory you are more focused with personal growth and higher levels of functioning. To assess this type of personality objective test and personal interviews about how they act are made. The next theory is the trait theory. With the trait theory, one feels that there is a permanent disposition within oneself that causes the person to think, act, and feel in ways, which make them who they are. The way to assess this personality is to take objective tests. Lastly there is the cognitive-social learning theory. In this theory the things from your past, like how you were given reinforcement or punishment, or even seeing how other people have happen to them, makes up your personality later on. Interviews, objective tests, and observations are all ways of assessing this type of theory. After going to the test provided and taking the test, I would have to say that the test is objective. There were a series of questions that asked me to rate my personality and who I am on a scale. It was a very standardized test that could allow someone who is interviewing a large amount of people, to do so in a very short period of time. This test can result in very inaccurate information. If someone is trying to come up with what they feel are the right answers, then they could make the outcome very different from which they really are. If someone does not understand...
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