Personality Analysis

Topics: Psychology, Attribution theory, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 4 (1407 words) Published: December 20, 2010
Personality Analysis Paper

Is an individual behavior explained by the situation they find themselves in, or is it by their personality, that guides the behavior no matter what the circumstances is? For example an individual who is passive in most things that they do, but when they play a sport they become more aggressive based on the circumstances of the sport. This example implies that behavior can be understood by the individual personality, and also the environment and situations they are in. This can be classified as a situational view of personality. The dispositional approach to personality, by definition, tried to identify those psychological characteristics which remain relatively stable for a person over time and across situations (Unknown, 2003). Dispositional can affect the behavior in the individual almost immediately, and most times it is in an unconscious way. It can be understood that individuals that use the dispositional approach when dealing with certain situations tend to react the same regardless of the circumstance because their behavior is usually consistent. An individual’s personality can include mental characteristics that reflect the way the individual thinks, act and feels. Many have heard the saying “you act just like your mother or father”. The individual usually behaves this way is because of how they were brought up, which is a learned behavior. An individual environment determines in most situations how they react to certain circumstances. Cultural values earned by someone learned during the time of the individual’s life, especially during the time the individual personality is formed. Julian Rotter theory of Social Learning Theory is that personality represents and interaction of the individuals with his or her environment Rotter, J. B. (1971). Rotter felt that personality and behavior is always changeable, because the person can change the way they think, the environment they are in, and how they respond to...
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