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Communication in the Virtual Workplace
COM 470
Aug 30, 2007

A company's ability to develop plans that can deliver strategic value effectively will latch on to a competitive advantage. The ability to plan is an important function of management in the 21st-century. All actions of management and a company's workforce must be geared toward accomplishing goals that encompasses objectives for a company's success in the here and now, and in the future. All available assets for planning should be considered—economizing effort. In Management: The New Competitive Landscape authors Thomas S. Bateman and Scott Snell talk writes, "Now and in the future, delivering strategic value is a dynamic process in which people throughout the organization use their brains and brains of customers, suppliers, and other stake holders to identify opportunities to create, seize, strengthen, and sustain competitive advantage." Let us also consider this: without effective communication throughout an organization the strategic plan become useless and the organization will lose its competitive edge. A company that does not know how to use all forms of communication be it virtual or in real-time—it is like climbing the tower of Babel; the higher you climb the more incoherent everyone becomes. Communicating the Plan

The plan is laid, so now it must be set in motion. Management's ability to effective Organize is crucial to setting the wheels in motion. So how do the big wheels turn? Well its starts by getting highly competent capable people, and placing all the critical resources that are needed in the appropriate areas—structuring resources. At the cornerstone of structuring in my organization is communication (Boring & Galindo, 2005). We effectively utilize email via Microsoft Outlook, we have department wide meetings, we utilize voicemail via our...

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