Personal Vision

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PRL-Assignment 3 Personal Vision Anita Wu 500678965
Higher goal:
Make people do right things that can make the world more peaceful so that everyone can enjoy their lives. We only have one chance in this life. Not all people can be the great, remembered as big star like Michael Jackson, or as great president like Abraham Lincoln. But we can be ourselves and make our own contributions to this world. As far as I’m concerned, it’s important to do the right things, and influence people to do the right things. When most people realize that there are a great numbers of people in the world need help, the world will be much nicer, without wars, poverty. And it can probably reach Great Unity (perfect society), in which people can enjoy their happy lives.

Audacious Goal:
Earn more than 250 thousand Euros in 10 years after I graduate from college and donate 15% of the m to those who need help every year, with the rest as my start-up capital for my own company. This can be easy to measure, if I have that amount in my bank account, I’ve accomplish this goal. 250 thousand euros is not a small number, I need put all my effort in searching and taking every opportunity that will help me achieving this goal.

Core Qualities:
Dealing with details and tenacious. First, I’ve heard from my father several times that I’m good at dealing with details. It’s mostly a good thing that we need to consider all the details when we are studying, working or doing other things, to make sure that those things won’t be ruined by a small part that we didn’t recognize. Second, I think practice makes perfect, so I’m tenacious that I can persist in practicing

what I’m weak at and try to make it better. For example, I used to fail in math in my middle school, but after I spent most of time in doing math exercise, I could get full mark in the exams. But sometimes this quality may bring negative effect when I’m too sticking to a thing.

Core Value:
Empathy, responsible, respect and love....
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