Personal Virtues

Topics: Virtue, Thought, Lie Pages: 4 (668 words) Published: October 12, 2008
Personal Virtues

I went over the list a couple of times and I am not sure if I even put them into the

correct order or not of how I feel. I had changed them a few times. I am surprised at a

couple of choices that I made. I was not sure of how to rate respectability and dignity. I

know I can respect a person but that person does not respect me so I in turn do not want

to respect that person. I do have self-worth and I do have pride in myself but I do not

think it is important as my first five choices.

My most important choice was truthfulness. The one thing that I hate is when

someone lies to me. Little white lies does not bother me too much, I think everyone has

told a white lie sometime or another. I like to be honest with myself and with others.

When someone lies the truth usually comes out and sometimes it is not good.

Wholesomeness is another one that is important to me. I know that if I am healthy I will

be able to take care of my children and take care of the needs of my family. I make sure

that my house, children and myself are cleaned. I do not like germs and when people do

not take that precaution it drives me crazy. I am industrious, I am a hard worker. I get

really dedicated to my job especially if it deals with children. I am sure that my

dedication and hard work comes from my father. He still works at the age of 72 and

probably will until he can no longer do so. I believe I am mercy now. I used to be high

strung and had a temper but after having children I have calmed down. I think I am mild,

I do not get mad to easy anymore and I am very gentle. The one that I like is
humour. I am friendly with just about everyone. I like to be open and honest with

people. For the most part I am courtesy towards other people.

Now for my bottom five,...
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