Personal Views About Franklin’s Thirteen Virtues

Topics: Virtue, Victoria of the United Kingdom, Felix Mendelssohn Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Personal Views about Franklin’s Thirteen Virtues
Among Franklin’s thirteen virtues,what impresses me most is the Sincerity. What is considered to be Sincerity? For me , Whether a person is sincerity is connected with his personality and mental health is related. A man without integrity and proper moral quality will not be a sincere person. Integrity, is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation.Incredibility is difficult for people to accept. In our whole life ,we take integrity as a beacon to guide us forward. China's ancient educator and thinker Confucius once said: "A man who can not keep his words then nothing else he can do successfully in his whole life." Integrity is everyone should do, it is a fundation of daily life. The terrible situation is not a person made a mistake but is to cover up the error.I believe that a man who can not do an honest and trustworthy person, is inexcusable. In mid-nineteenth century , British Queen Victoria held a grand reception at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the distinguished German composer Felix Mendelssohn's visit. After the song "ITAR the Shields" which Signed Mendelssohn played .the Queen praise to him: "This wonderful song shows how genius you are." Mendelssohn said calmly: "No, that is the my sister Fany’s works. " Actually, Fany is an extraordinary musician. The "ITAR Shields is original from her hand. But at that time women do not have so much freedom.Some musicians not in favor of signing woman’s name at this great work,then they decided to use Mendelssohn's name to publish this song. As the saying goes: “Faith will move mountains on.” Sincerity is the magic key to open people's hearts. In interpersonal communication, only those people in good faith can establish and maintain friendly relations with other.Integrity can also win the confidence of others. Once I read such kind of story in the book. A day with a dark cloud over the sky. With the downpour instantly fall, an old lady walked into a Philadelphia...
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