Personal Values Statement

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Assignment 6: Personal Values Statement

I had the privilege of taking an ethics class that asked me to list out what values were important to me. I thought I’d share some of the things I wrote down and finish off with my personal mission statement. This essay will give you a unique insight into what values I find to be important. What is important to me?

Service, integrity, and loyalty are very important to me. Service is a big part of my life and allows me to continue to hold myself to a higher moral standard. Integrity is one of the key values that pushes me to do what is right even when others are not looking. Loyalty increases the longevity of a relationship. What do I value?

I value service, loyalty, integrity, accountability, courage, discipline, creativity and innovation. Creativity/Innovation
Being creative/innovative is thinking outside the box on many issues. It’s challenging authority and figuring out why certain procedures are done the way they are. It allows me to be pro-active finding solutions to problems that need to be solved. I have been placed in many situations that have required me to think creatively to solve a problem. For example, on the battle field resources are limited and time is priority. I was placed in-charge of a crew that had to erect a guard shack in five days. Keep in mind the Marines estimated the project would take 3 weeks to complete. My crew and I pulled together some creative ingenuity and collected the resources we needed. We completed the project within three days. Creativity and innovation can go a long way and is a valuable asset to have in your box of values. Loyalty

Loyalty is the devotion to commitments, others, and myself. It is the faithfulness to one’s duty which may include friendship, organization, profession, religion or country. Morally strong loyalties do not undermine the loyalties of others. They are given freely and do not have expectations of receiving something in return. I...
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