Personal Values & Ethical Standards Bshs/332

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Personal Values and Ethical Standards
Each person has different personal values and developed ethical standards. My personal values and ethics have shaped my life to be what it is today. Values refer to his or her own personal standards of what he or she believes to be right, or wrong. Ethics refers to a structure set of fundamentals that provide a structure for what people consider to be the appropriate conduct in any group. A "code of ethics" is the written document that represents the agreed upon principals for a particular group. I started gaining values from childhood as I watched those most closely related to me, such as my father and mother. As I grew older I gained values through outside resources such as school, church, or even from my surrounding neighbors I came in to contact within my day-to-day life. I was brought up by parents whose social values and behaviors were still old fashion. I learned to treat a people with manners, automatic respect, and an attitude of strong work ethics. Some of my earliest memories were of how my father went to work five days a week and never missed a day that I can remember. I also recollect how my mother taught me so many skills and values that she thought were important for a young lady to learn, such as how to cook a homemade meal, clean a house, and speak to others with manners. My mother always encouraged me to be willing to help people in need in a way that he or she could learn how to help him or herself. While attending church I saw faith and values that were led from God and the Bible. I took pleasure in the lessons I learned from the Bible and will try to pass those same lessons and values on to my children. To live a happy and productive life, a person must develop his or her own personal values. Developing personal values will increase ones self-esteem, personality, relationships, and promote positive decision-making skills. Personal values are not the same for everyone because of the varying influences in each person’s life. Personal values are very distinctive and subjective because of the differences in people’s traditions, beliefs, ethnicity, political opinions, living environment, social status, and personalities. I cherish my personal values and directly allow my values to influence my thoughts, emotions, and decisions. I use my personal values when interacting with my children, my husband, my co- workers at work, others at church, and in my day-to-day contact with people who I come across. I display characteristics such as loyalty, empathy, independence, accountability, and compassion because of my personal values. My Values for Working as a Human Service Professional

When I chose to obtain a job as a human service professional, it was necessary to have the proper human services education. The Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals statement 21 says that human service professionals must seek the training, experience, education and supervision necessary to ensure their effectiveness in working with culturally diverse client populations (National Organization for Human Services, 2011). It was also necessary to have a complete description of my values and beliefs, and to be willing continually to reassess my values to grow into a well-developed human service professional. A human services professional is thought to be of high quality if the human service professional displays good values and ethics when helping the client. The human service professional’s work ethics and values directly affect the quality and level of service given to the client. For example, a case manager who has weekly office visits with a client needs to be on time, a quality listener, has materials prepared, organized documentation, and positive feedback for the client who benefits the client in obtaining a positive outcome for the client’s treatment plan. Each client is very different because of his or her personal values and situations but is to be shown respect at all...

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