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Topics: Decision making, Ethics, Decision theory Pages: 7 (2181 words) Published: December 3, 2012
A Conflict for Counselors
Crystal Anderson
University of Phoenix
BSHS/332 Professional, Ethical, and
Legal issues in Human Services
Audra Stinson
October 8, 2012

A counselor’s perspective
Social workers study psychological and sociological aspects of counseling. It is believed by some professionals, work performed by practitioners considered technically guided from their educational experience. There is communication abroad that suggests most or nearly every social worker develops ethical practices from their training or state licensing boards. During therapeutic involvement counselors explore various methods of intervention tactics learned. However, it is other viewpoints critical for the development of each therapist style. This paper examines the development of this counselor’s personal values, ground rules, and ethics in a professional setting. The main focus describes viewpoints of the counselor’s perspectives, the effects, and sources, which contributed to these notions. This paper further explains the counselor decisions in ethical practices.

Moreover, primarily counselors are responsible for the entire treatment process for their clients. This relationship often entails a variety of settings, such as private practice offices or working in organizational environments. On occasions these external factors influence personal values, ground rules, and ethics. I work for a non-profit organization and there are many experiences endured during a day’s work that requires making a decision. I have developed decision-making styles, which I follow consistently in a work day. These decision-making styles differ by the circumstances presented in each case. My values determining my position or stance is a result of my personal beliefs and ethical standards. I equally believe it is important to consider the wider implications of making such a decision. Also, the organizational structure, culture, and policies and procedures instituted within my agency dictate how I deal with difficult situation in a particular way to achieve a desired result. On the other hand, I am open, willing, and honest. These characteristic is how my values developed and help me follow guidelines and solve ethical dilemmas in the workplace that may present challenging. My values made up from diverse parts of my strengths and weakness. I strongly believe this makes me unique. I have learned over time and from trial and error what behavior or action works best along with what judgments are appropriate.

Comparatively, the decision-making style my organization follow mainly involves spontaneous decision making. It is considered intuitive decision making. Intuitive decision-making style depends greatly upon experience and situational circumstances. Using this decision-making style the staff can become comfortable with the trial and error process commonly involved in intuitive decision making. Although this is the style most practiced where I work, I prefer the preferences of a more systematic, analytical decision-making process in comparison to decision methods emotionally driven.

Similarly, my core value system was established historically through my family upbringing. Later, I made adjustments in how I valued things in a therapeutic environment. I believe therapy mostly shaped my value system more than any other source. Also, my values are formed through my educational and work experience. My current position as a substance abuse counselor and case manager and I work for a non-profit organization. In obtaining my certification to become a substance abuse counselor requires I follow certain guidelines in terms of ethical practice. Equally...

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