Personal Values and Decision Making Personal Code of Ethics

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In the process of growing up, humans create a conscience of what our society, family and culture perceive as good and bad, as allowed and not allowed. But we also have a lot of influence from the media and other sources that may impact in our behaviors and beliefs. Our first and main influence is our family, or the ones we grow up with, because is the first interaction we have with other people, and they are the first ones to teach us how to behave in the different situations of life. Also, we learn from what we see the usually do and this creates our first idea of what is good and bad. But these ideas tend to change with the influence of friends and many other factors and so we start creating our own. According to Plato, one of the most important Greek philosophers of whole history describes Ethic as: “A reflection on human behavior that is directed toward resolving both individual and social problems.” This Ethic that we based our decision on is formed by different values. These values are our fundamental beliefs that make us prefer, appreciate and choose things over others. With these values, we create our personal code of ethics, which are the values we choose as most important, and the ones we implement in our daily basis or decision making. These values help us to create our personality, they let us know how we want present ourselves to other people, also how we choose the persons we want to interact with and are the way we confront the different situation or problems in our lives. And we need to be able to identify these values so we could know the track we are going to give to our lives. Lately, I believe I have been identifying more which are my main values, and why I am choosing them as the values that will form me and the ones I want to have in my life. I have realized that this process is not as simple and easy as it may look, because like I said already, we have so many influences from so many different sources, that it has turned more difficult to build your own ethical Code. Based on a lot of different experiences in my life, so many situations, opportunities, culture and teaching of my parents I have created my personal code of ethic. Some of the values I can identify as the one who formed my Code are: Respect, perseverance, wisdom, peace, love, appreciation, truth, intelligence, courage, discretion, empathy, gratitude, health and patience. I don’t think I could put an order to these values, because for me, they are all important, and I always try to implement them in my life. Respect is one of the values I most appreciate from people, because I believe that is so hard to find, people is so used to always talk and criticize others, we tend to disrespect everything around us. We don’t have any sense of respect to nature, to animals, to humans, to elders, not even to ourselves. We have lost this value because we find it normal to act the way we are acting. We see it as normal when a girl is posting indecent pictures of herself in social media; we don’t think is wrong when we see someone kicking an animal, or it is acceptable to throw trash through the window. This is why I try to respect everything, even when is not the same point of view as mine is, but I have learned that when you respect, people respect you and this helps you to keep open doors for the future. Perseverance is one of the values I most try to implement in everything I do, because I believe that when you perseverance in things, even when they seem hard or unreachable, at the end you will have even better results that the ones you ever imagine. Another value that I find exceptional is wisdom, because I believe that you cannot reach wisdom without failing, and taking those failures as lessons is something that not everyone is capable to do, this is why I believe that people with this value tend to be more positive than others, and like to learn from their mistakes. Peace is also a value I admire from people,...

References: Rocha, J. (2013) Ética de Platón. Retrieved July 3rd, 2014 from
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