Personal Values Aligned with Kudler Fine Foods

Topics: Management, Ethics, Virtue Pages: 4 (1121 words) Published: January 17, 2010
Personal Values Aligned With Kudler Fine Foods
After reflecting on my Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory (2006) results I conducted a self-assessment of my personal values. The Kudler Fine Foods strategic plan was also reviewed to determine the values of the organization. I then considered how my personal values aligned with the values of the Kudler Fine Foods organization, and how the alignment would affect my performance as a manager in the organization. Personal Values

My personal results from the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory (2006) were very high scoring in the character perspective and very low scoring in the results and equity perspectives. My obligation perspective score was relatively high and is considered a blended category. These scores parallel my personal values favoring strong character. Character is the internal measuring yardstick for what people believe is right or wrong. No matter what the extenuating circumstances are, the final decision by an individual of what is ethical or unethical greatly depends on that individual’s character. Integrity is the core of character, and requires moral and ethical standards. Standards vary on a multitude of factors that include one’s up bringing, life experiences, and beliefs. Based on those factors standards will vary with each individual. However, people with integrity will consistently demonstrate behavior toward their set of standards. From this consistent demonstration of integrity they make ethical decisions with a strong bias towards their values and principles. My moral and ethical standards drive my desire to be a servant leader. I value nurturing, defending, and empowering those around me (Yukl, 2006). An important aspect to servant leadership is trust. Yukl (2006) states, “trust is established by … keeping actions consistent with values.” Therefore, establishing trust directly correlates to having personal integrity and ethical standards. Kudler Fine Foods...

References: The Williams Institute (2006). Ethics Awareness Inventory. Retrieved October 5, 2009 from University of Phoenix MGT 521 web link.
Yukl, G. (2006). Leadership In Organizations, 6e. Chapter 14: Ethical Leadership and Diversity. Retrieved October 5, 2009 from University of Phoenix e-book collection.
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