Personal Topic Sentences

Topics: Family, Mother, Father Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: April 26, 2015

Sample Sentence

The loss of a friend

Two memories stand out in my mind when I think about
Jane: the day I first met her, and the day her mother called me in tears to tell me about my best friend's death.

The relationship or a
Bobby and I have always been two of a kind: clever,
specific memory one has of precocious, and never able to know when to quit joking a friend
One's bravest or most
frightening moment

Compared to that moment on that day, all the nervewracking booster shots and terrifying math tests I'd ever taken were suddenly like sunshine and rainbows.

One's passion for baseball
or sports; memories of
one's father

I was no older than three when my father put that first
baseball in my hands.

Memories of one’s mother

My mother may not know how to bake a cake from scratch
or how to sew a dress by hand, but anyone who could see
the way she kicks a soccer ball or skillfully maneuvers a van backed with six screaming kids on a daily basis would have
no doubts about her motherly abilities.

A major break-up

I knew he would hate me for it, but the only thing that would have been more unfair to Christopher than breaking up with
him would have been staying together.

Memory of a special place

Whenever I need to calm down or take a break, my mind
travels to a little creek in the woods behind the house I lived in as a child.

Identity crisis; a notable
failure or disappointment in
one's life

Throughout middle school, I had built my entire identity
around my good grades, but my sense of purpose would be
terribly shaken as soon as I entered my freshman French

Surprising event; traumatic
event; learning experience

When a casual friend invited me to go camping in the fourth
grade, I never would have expected things to turn out the
way they did.

A book that changed one's
life; the start of a hobby

I'll never forget the first time I read A Tale of Two Cities.

When a child...
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