Personal Territories

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Personal territories

Everyone has his own personal territory and this personal space seems to have an important value to all of us.
What makes people feel so defensive about their own personal territory is that we can feel secure and comfortable in our own territory. No other people can interrupt or step into it once you are in your own world. You are the only owner of your territory. Others who come across may be viewed as invaders. Even if they don¡¦t have the intention to take away your territory, a great opposition against them is still possessed in your mind.

Despite the fact that it is our own nature to protect ourselves from attackers, our feelings also make us reveal how you actually feel inside your heart. If someone wants to enter in your personal world, your may first feel angry and irritated. Then, you realize that you have lost something that seems to be important and have a lonely feeling.

There are many different kinds of personal territories such as cultural, behavior, and interests. From my pervious experience, my personal territory involves my own interest. I love computers a lot and I sees the computer room as one of my personal territories in which others are not allowed to take away from me. ¡§That¡¦s mine¡¨; I always have this feeling. Once after and argument with my brother, he tried to do some tricks on it so that I was not able to use the computer without his help. Although it is only a small quarrel between sister and brother, it seems to me that my own world was taken by him. I had never been as angry as how I feel that time and I realized the existence of my personal territory.

As we know about the importance of our own personal territory, we should try to protect it so that it will not be invaded by others.
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