Personal Swot Analysis

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Personal SWOT Analysis

The career objective that I have in my life is to have started my own business or be a owner of business. The information that follows will be presented in a SWOT analysis format that describes me and more in depth with my current career objective. My first topic will touch on my strengths, followed by my weakness, then opportunities, and finally threats to me not reaching my objective.


My biggest strength toward reaching my objective is my tack that I am on in college. I am a 4 year student here at Wayne State and 2 semesters away from obtaining an accounting degree. This is important because having an accounting degree I have learned a lot about how to handle a business finances, assets, liabilities ect. Another strength that I posses is that I am a pretty patient person. I am willing to work my way up through a organization and learn from experiences that I would have during my time. If I were to start my own business I could carry those experiences with me and help me make good decisions while running my own business. I have really good communication skills and interview very well, this is good because when I start off and begin to step into the business world I can impress people have opportunities to start off with a well paying job.


A major weakness that I have that will not only affect my career but also affects me in my everyday life is that I have a very short attention span. This is not good because at anytime while I am doing something I get easily sidetracked. It is very frustrating at time but I can’t help it. Although, I considered my education as a strength I also consider a part of it as weakness. I will graduate with an accounting degree and I have taken some classes in finance but I think I could use some more. How invest my money smart is something that I want to do so that I can make a profit. But with the classes that I have taken while obtaining my degree never really got into too much detail about that. Another weakness that I have is the debt that I am in right now. In the long run my education will pay off but for the first part of my career I will not be able to save as much money as I would like thus taking me a little longer to get to the point where I want to be.


Opportunities are endless for me, I have a lot of connections in Cincinnati, where I am originally

from. My biggest opportunity is that my uncle owns and runs his own business, OnDisplay. This is huge

opportunity because I have worked for my uncle before and he already likes my work ethic. But the

most intriguing part is that he has told me that he wants to give up his part of the partnership. I am

hoping that when I graduate that I can show my uncle that he could trust me with the business and have

a enough money and steady income to show him that I could but his part of the business. If that would I

would have reached my goal that way. There are other opportunities that exist such as the city in which

I will live after graduate Cincinnati. It is a very diverse city and with developing areas around the city. I

see this as an opportunity because with up and coming areas you can establish a store or business while

the neighborhood is developing you can develop loyal customers because you have been there from the

beginning. Another opportunity is that I have a good name with athletics back in hometown and with

many teams and high schools around the area and if I were start a business it would be something to do

with athletics. So with the name and connections I have with teams, programs, coaches, and high

schools I could establish a very solid foundation of customers. This would allow me to build up my

clientele and get my name out so people outside of my area could see me products.


A specific threat to me involving my uncle’s business is that his partner’s son is already in upper...
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