Personal Statment

Topics: Health care, Medicine, Nursing Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Personal statement

I have always had a passion for science, my favourite subject in college was Health and Social care specifically one of the core modules within the course. Anatomy and Physiology was an extremely interesting subject intriguing me to explore the topic further. Studying the organs within the Human body, their structures and functions made the course that much more exciting allowing me to grow to love Science. Whilst studying health and social care at college we had to complete a number of placements within a care home, hospital and nursery for the duration of three weeks. I underwent my placement in Whipps Cross hospital Special care baby unit (SCBU). Working alongside the Nurses and health care assistants my job role was to clean all equipment including incubators, sterilising bottles and medical apparatus. I also helped mothers in the feeding room, providing them with the necessary tools and books to breastfeed. Witnessing first hand the relief and happiness a woman feels breastfeeding a premature child with guidance and help from the Nurses is a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Everyday a child on the ward was out of critical care had become a cause for celebration. That is when I finally realised; the long journey to discovering what I wanted to do had finally reached an end. Further reading and discussing courses with the consultant on the SCBU ward who had become an enormous encouragement reinforced my belief that Paediatric Nursing was right for me. I am very involved within my community, volunteering as a translator to countless women in need to help them interpret letters, accompanying them to parent/teacher meetings and sometimes even hospital appointments. As a first generation daughter of a refugee, I have grown up hearing stories about how childbirth was not easy back home due to the shortage of trained Midwives and Nurses. Mothers were not made aware of dangers for example cot death or health benefits of breastfeeding. This...
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