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Topics: Earth, Geography, Problem solving Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Our world is filled with many undeniably, fascinating geographical anomalies and mysteries. So many so, that we may never truly unlock all of the secrets it holds. The Earth is constantly changing, shifting and exposing new secrets for us to wonder at; It is that curiosity that captures and fuels my imagination. I am currently studying Geography, Maths, Art and Welsh Baccalaureate at A-level. Studying Geography has provided me with the analytical skills, gained through writing essays and oral presentations, needed for my degree. It has heightened my interests for the subject; challenging me to provide an answer for each of my questions. I have particularly enjoyed learning about global geographical issues and the effects of such problems. I came to realise that the delicate balance of the Earth is dependent on not just one factor, but many. All of my subjects have been beneficial in providing me with a wide range of skills and insights which will support my study of Geography at degree level. By studying Maths, I have increased my logic and problem solving skills. The techniques I have learnt will be valuable when analysing investigation work. Art has allowed me somewhere to unleash my imagination, I have enjoyed all aspects of my Art A-level but particularly sketching and painting coastal environments. In addition to my studies, I have also been fortunate enough to experience Geography hands on, this has enabled me to explore geographical theory in a living setting. Whether it be witnessing, first-hand, global warming affect the agricultural lives of those around me, with this years wash-out summer. Or, experiencing the geographical significance of the ancient world whilst visiting the phenomenal pyramids. Travelling has also allowed me to improve my awareness of the social, environmental and economic differences around the world. This summer I had the opportunity to experience the captivating society, culture and poverty of...
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