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Topics: Postgraduate education, Finance, Investment Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: February 25, 2014
I am an undergraduate student of BEng Materials Science and Engineering in Imperial College London. This is my application for admission to your 2014 postgraduate taught program of Master of Finance.  

Choosing finance as the subject of my postgraduate study is for many reasons. Firstly, being influenced by my parents who have committed themselves to our own company for 25 years, I set my career goal as a financial executive when I was young. Additionally, following in my parents’ footsteps, I decide to help them manage the company in the very near future. Since finance takes a very significant part in a company’s operation, it is essential for me learn more about finance. Finally, after working for a bank as a customer service assistant, I have developed some fundamental knowledge about finance, which could help my further learning in your university.  

In the study of finance, my academic interests principally focus on three aspects. The first one primarily concentrates on having a profound understanding of risk management, for instance, applications of derivatives in financing and risk management, global investing and Asian finance market and so on. In addition, I am also interested in investigating the mathematical techniques in finance. Finally, my further academic interest is on investment analysis and portfolio management.  

For many reasons, the University of Hong Kong is the best choice for me to study finance for my postgraduate study. It is well known that the University of Hong Kong represents one of the highest authorities in the area of finance throughout the world. Therefore, applying for the most competitive admission into your prestigious university is the best choice for me. Your excellent research strengths, multiple teaching competences and plentiful academic resources can definitely help me to achieve my career goal. I sincerely hope you can take my application into consideration.
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