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“The successful man will profit from his mistakes and try again in a different way.” Quote By: Dale Carnegie

I saw myself as an entrepreneur since the age of 8. That was when I made the huge mistake of trading one of my Nintendo games for a “2 PAC” c.d. without asking my mother first. Even after the extensive lecture my mother gave me about asking permission, I felt that I had achieved something, I remember the fulfilling feeling of gaining the better end of the deal, that’s when I knew, there and then, I was built for business. Apart from the fact that I was brought up in a very business orientated family I went on to study business in high school by which I achieved a grade B at I.G.C.S.E level. My close friend once asked me why I decided to study business opposed to an easier subject, I wreseled with that thought in my head for days, before my brain finally clicked, its not as hard as people make it out to be, business is fun! Its all logic. As Thomas Dewar quoted:

“Minds are like parachutes - they only function when open.”

You don’t need to be a math-magician nor a rocket scientist to be good at business; all it takes is discipline, dedication, and common sense to achieve your goals. I have lived in four different countries ( cote d’ivoire, Togo, the United Kingdom, and the Gambia ), in four different international boarding schools. Living away from home at a young age is a big step, let alone out of the country, so life wasn’t so easy for me. However, my experience living in boarding school taught me many valuable lessons, Responsibility, Discipline, Respect, and appreciation for different cultures, are only to mention a few. But most importantly they all gave me the opportunity to live in different countries and witness first hand how the government operates their economy and major business companies.

“All work and no play makes tom a very dull boy” although I take my work very seriously, I believe having a social life is equally as important....
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