Personal Statement

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Personal Statement

I believe education is a powerful and important asset to human development. Society depends on the education of our youth today and also on trying to educate students to be responsible and considerate to others. Teachers today are faced with teaching children to understand who they are in themselves and in society. An individual's development is based on their education through out their childhood. Education is the challenge to give a firm foundation for future growth. Knowing how to be an affective teacher, where the students can understand and learn is the most significant factor of being a teacher. Education is one of the most important values in a person's life. It shapes many of our choices, attitudes and expands our potential. I would like to become a teacher because I believe that teachers play a vital role in the development of students, by serving as mentors who instill hope in students and demonstrate unbending patience in order to nurture their advancement. I believe our experiences formulate our perception of reality. So as a teacher I want to inspire hope in children in order to make this quality an element in their reality. I want to be able to help children realize their goals and potential in life, and as a teacher I will have the opportunity to give them the tools to reach those goals. Becoming a teacher will enable me to devote my time, to provide strength and hope where it is needed, and to demonstrate belief in students. I think my dedication and commitment can make the difference in a child's life. My idea of teaching is knowing how to have patients. As a personnel manager for one of the largest employment agencies in America, I have gained many valuable experiences and traits that I believe will greatly assist in ensuring high academic achievement for students. An example of how patience has played an active role in my job occurred when one of my applicants that I hired for one of my biggest accounts called the...
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