Personal Statement

Topics: Childbirth, Want, Need Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: August 1, 2011
Personal Statement
I want to become a midwife because over my career I have really enjoyed working with parents, and whilst training in childcare I became fascinated by the process of pregnancy and delivery. This has led me to wanting to learn the skills to enable me to plan and provide, with the mother, individualised care based on the medical history and social assessment early on in pregnancy within my community. In order to gain the under pinning knowledge, to be a midwife, I am studying Access to Health Studies at Solihull College; this includes anatomy and physiology, health studies, psychology, maths, and study skills. A career in midwifery would allow me to work with women and their families. Offer advice, assistance and guidance to women, focusing on their individual needs. It would be a privilege to be an advocate for women, to provide them with informed choices and give them the birth experience they want. As a midwife, I would be able to work as an independent practitioner within a multidisciplinary team, being able to educate and care for women and their families through their pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. Being part of a woman-centred maternity service, providing a vital contribution to their health and an essential investment in the wellbeing of their children would be a pleasure. I know the hours are unsociable, that there could be staff shortages, not being able to switch off/leave work at the door and of course, when things go wrong but the positives far outweigh all of these for me. I have been working with families for twelve years and have a good idea of the needs of the women. During my career I have educated parents and promoted health and education. I have undertaken short courses to update my professional skills, which are relevant to midwifery for example; child protection and CAF training. The skills that I have gained, during my childcare career, can be transferred to the role of a midwife. I am a completer-finisher...
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