Personal Statement

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Rui Chen
Personal Statement

I came to Kelley School of Business because I want to build a solid foundation that I could depend on and further enhance in the future. With putting hard work in academics and career development throughout my years of study at IUschool, an IT Advisory full-time job offer from EY was extended to me after my three-month internship this summer. It seemed like I reached the goal I always wanted. A: a career that I am passionate about could start in one year when I graduate. This might be the ultimate goal of many people who enter college in hope of finding a job that’ll feed them when they complete this four-year-education,The life is perfect for many people at this point, but I realized that all I longed for and achieved is no longer all I want. After my internship, as I was given high ratings by all team managers I worked with, I understand that it will takes more effort and expertise for me to excel among my peers. I believe that participating in MSIS program is essential to my career development. My undergraduate study prepared me well for the real world, but I believe that MSIS program’s challenging curriculum, with MBA Electives, strategic learning, and experiential learning, would provide me with the specific skillset and mindset I need to stand out from my co-works and explore more career paths.

I am confident that I am an ideal candidate for the MSIS program. During my years at Indiana University, I have continuously strived toward excellence of academics, professional experience and extracurricular activities. This has made me a well-rounded individual who is not only well-educated but also mature to take real life challenges. I am confident that I am an ideal candidate for the MSIS program, for that . Aacademically, I have been maintaining strong performance and study in different fields of business. Regarding professional experience, I immerged myself in the fields of both business and technology. I worked as a...
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