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 Personal Statement Asfar Rashid

My name is Asfar Rashid. I was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. My mother Asma Rashid , and my father Asgar Rashid were excited to have me as their first child. Happiness could breathe throughout the family. I was given the green signal by the Nirupama Hospital in Dhaka that I was born as a healthy baby and, therefore needed no special treatment. I spent my whole childhood in the crowded city of Dhaka with my parents and family. As I grew up my parents became my first teacher in life guiding me through the process of learning manner and respecting elders. The biggest lesson which I received from my father was that to never give up because everyone is blessed with a special gift from Allah and if we use it to our advantage we can conquer any difficult situation. Throughout my school life I changed five schools but settled to one when I was in grade two. I was admitted to Playpen school which was located at a posh location at the capital city of Bangladesh. There I met my childhood friends who till date are in great touch. That school was the path to my humble achievements till date. They taught me the essence of life and value of education.

After completing my O’levels( Ordinary Level) examination conducted by the Cambridge University, I started my high school. I come from a very educated background where most of my uncles and aunts are doctors, engineers, teachers and successful businessman so pursuing higher education was always on my mind while growing up. So during a social family gathering while I was deciding upon my future, my uncle, Dr. Zia Hasan suggested Claflin University for my under graduation degree. Economics and accounting had always been my favorite subjects so I decided on studying Marketing at Claflin University.

My career aspiration is to be an investment banker specializing in Client Marketing . In...
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