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Illinois State Personal Essay
Everything is possible if you put your mind to it. In the essay ahead it will state how Illinois State is a good for my educational goals, my strengths and weaknesses and any circumstances that affected my high school academic performance.

Illinois State University is good for my educational goals because my long term goal is to become a doctor and ISU has that major, I also believe that since I am passionate about the things I do I like to take risks and do things that are challenging. Illinois State can also help me look at things differently and make me become independent and helping me become independent along the way. Lastly Illinois State is good for my educational goals because I can be able to work hard no matter what and think critically.

My academic strengths are asking questions when I don’t understand things that are being taught in the classroom, having a class called A.V.I.D which stands for Advancement Individual Determination in this class it prepares me as an individual to stay focus and to always be prepared and makes me become a better person then who I am today. This class is also a college prep class where it shows that even if you’re an individual that you are willing to help others and that you can always get your work done. My academic weaknesses are procrastination. I pick this as my weaknesses because even though I procrastinate and do things at the last minute I am willing to show that I can put my best work forward and that all things are possible even if you procrastinate.

A circumstance that affected my high school academic performance was when I had honors physic I found this class very challenging but I like to challenge and push myself because I know that I can actually do the work when I put my mind to it. Honors physic affected my high school academic performance because it was like I was struggling to keep my grade up in the class and even though I found the class very challenging I did...
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