Personal Statement

Topics: High school, Education, Military academy Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Charnika Wilson

“Nobody’s perfect, you live and you learn it.” And “I’m not perfect but I keep trying.”

These are two of my favorite quotes. They explain me in so many ways. However these quotes all have the same moral…Nobody is perfect! I have weaknesses in Science but strengths in Reading. My weaknesses are in science. It’s my least favorite subject. However I do think science is important to life because it’s life. Everything around us involves science. For examples eating, breathing, and thinking. It takes me longer than an average student to comprehend science and life at that matter. Although I don’t understand science, I do understand reading. Reading to me is a gift. It’s one thing to be able to read, but another thing to comprehend what you read or fully understand it. Reading is more than words and sentences put together. It relaxes my mind and also open my mind up to explore different genres. Reading is very important to me, as a African American because we was not allowed to read. I can’t imagine life without reading. I found reading as a way to help me escape my problems but not reality

Growing up (3rd grade through 8th grade) I was always a stellar student. I maintained A’s and B’s. I had great friends that never been in trouble but of course we had our teenage problems. Most importantly my family was very supportive and encouraging. 9th grade year was when everything changed. I attended the high school of my choice because it was a vocational high school and I wanted to do cosmetology and my family supported me. My freshman year in high school I was bullied. Students called me a nerd,geek and threating me to do their homework. I ate lunch by myself or sometimes not at all. I never wanted to be smart again, resulting in my grades dropping. I transferred to a military high school where the students was just like me; smart. I hung with friends and my grades slowly began to rise. I learned I can't fall into peer pressure and never...
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