Personal Statement

Topics: Dance, Performance, Performing arts Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: January 15, 2013
September 2, 2011
Senior English, P2
Personal Statement

Have you ever been terrified of the thought that you'd be performing or speaking in front of ten people or to your class, or even the whole school? I defiantly have! When I joined the step team, all of that changed. I use to be this shy teenager who never wanted to be noticed. Now, i'm always wanting to be seen and stand out. Joining the team boosted my confidence as a person and performer.

Being a member of a dance team that had incredible history of winning continuously has provided many opportunities for my team and me. For instance, our team was invited to perform at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. With great excitment, we flew to New Orleans for a week and performed in front of thousands. We also had the chance to meet different dance and step teams plus learn dances from celebrity choreographers like Chris Judd. This experience helped shaped me as a person because when it comes to talking or performing in front of people, i'm confident and not terrified like I used to be. This will be helpful in my life when I talk in front of others or present my high school portfolio.

The experiences I faced, and the risks I have tooken, got me to who i am today. After performing at the Sugar Bowl, our team received more notice in our community. We were invited to multiple competitions with other teams around Washington. In addition, we had the pleasure to perform for Bishop Desmond Tutu. This was a big deal to us! We performed in front of the whole Tacoma Dome and personally got to shake hands with a legend. Being a part or a talented team has brought many blessings into my life, and i'm very grateful for what it has done.

To me, my performances weren't only an experience. They were an achievement in my life and will forever be remembered. If I never joined the step team, my life and personality would be the opposite. The achievements I've made will follow and guide me, in my present life and my...
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