Personal Skill Assessments

Topics: Management, Skill, Psychology Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: January 19, 2013
After doing employment evaluation using the tool provided by Rees, Forbes & Kubler (2007), I am ready to assess my cognitive, interpersonal and general competency skills.

First of all, I tested my cognitive skills that are resulted in the form of average ratio. I rated myself as 6 out of 10 numbers in analytical cognitive analysis skills because I don’t think I am expert in analyzing different aspects of a single situation. The example can be taken from my analysis of Investment ratio in UK as the topic has been too broad and there were many industries to focus on, but I emphasized only one or two aspects of this investment issue identifying the reasons why great returns are expected from investment in UK industries. Additionally, my judgment and skills to pay attention to the minute details are also average as I have rated myself as 7/10 and 6/10 respectively because these three skills collaboratively enabled me to assess the UK personal investment factors.

As far as generic competencies are concerned, I am also nominal in my influencing, interpersonal sensitivity skills, listening, planning and organizing and written communication skills as I have not marked myself as 10/10 in any of them. However, I have good teamwork skills as I have been working with my fellow candidates with great enthusiasm and this is the reason why I have rate 9/10 in this generic competency skill.

This employment evaluation is also done from the perspective of my personal capabilities, I have rate 6/10 for my personal achievement and flexibility. However, my creative skills and decision making skills are good as compared to all other skills and this thing makes me a good leader as well.

My skills of using IT application with my restricted knowledge of information technology are also limited to some extent. As far as time management is concerned, I am a bit poor in managing time as I usually got late in doing certain jobs. Similarly, in professional development, personal...
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