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Question 1
Personal Selling Process
My personal selling process consists of the following nine steps: 1.Prospecting
5.Trial Close
7.Meeting objections
8.The Close
9.Follow up and Service
Step 1: Prospecting
Prospecting, involves the Money, Authority, Desire (M.A.D) approach. Firstly I analysed my prospective clients to ensure that they had the money, authority and desire to purchase the products I was selling. Upon analysis I realised that since my target customers were friends and colleagues who themselves had authority on their purchases I decided to focus on Money and Desire. The prospecting methods I used were direct mail, networking and telephone. I sorted through my contacts on social networking sites such as Facebook, Friendster and MSN and also a list of past and present colleagues to sift for viable prospects. Step 2: Pre-approach

At this stage, I did a few things to make my personal selling successful. Firstly I drafted email messages and messages to be sent on social networking sites to my viable contacts to inform them about the promotions and items I was selling. I also ensured to highlight the discounts that they would be receiving by purchasing the items from me. I believed that this would create an image of professionalism as it would portray that as a salesperson, I am well informed about my products.  

Step 3: Approach
I moved on to approach, sending out emails and messages through the social networking sites informing them about my products. I also made use of the Chinese New Year season to target those celebrating to purchase the New Year goodies that I was selling. I also promoted the many vouchers, as thoughtful gifts for Valentines’ day for their loved ones, placing emphasis on the Swensen’s Valentines’ day cake voucher as it was one of the few items on sale that was Halal certified allowing me to widen my target consumers to include my Muslim friends, in the process using the customer benefit approach highlighting the discounts they would be receiving if they purchased the items from me. For potential prospects for products from MSC Studio and Mini Challenger outlets, I provided them with the product information and on-going promotional information which I obtained from posters and Colleagues working in MSC Studio as well as from my personal experience working in Challenger Mini. Which in this case is the product approach. Step 4: Presentation

At the presentation stage, I use 2 methods of presentation, AIDA approach and Need Satisfactory Method. AIDA approach includes, getting Attention, making prospect Interested, convert his Desire to conviction, as well as to take purchase Action. Which in this case, I have done it through sending out PowerPoint slide attachment and also created an album on facebook containing the products I’m selling. I also included the pricing and the discounts that they would be receiving. This grabs the prospects Attention, Interest and Desire to take Action. The need-satisfaction method would be to confirm clients’ needs and to show the product that can offer solution. In this case, I would approach potential prospects and ask them questions on what they are looking for maybe in-terms of Chinese New Year goodies or Valentines’ day gifts and be sure not to make them feel uneasy while doing so. After confirming their needs, recommendations would be made to them based on individual customer needs. Step 5: Trial close

After the presentation stage, I would ask if there are any discomforts in my recommendations. Example, “Are these what you’re looking for?” and “how does this sound to u?” For prospects who seemed interested but needed time to think about it, I made follow up calls about a couple of days later to ensure that it would not become a dead sales lead. This eventually made way for a few successful sales.  

Step 6: Objections
There is definitely bound to be objections in the...
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