Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal Responsibility


June 28, 2012

Personal Responsibility Thesis Statement and Informal Outline

Thesis Statement:
Personal responsibility is needed for academic success and the overall well being of Students.

I. Personal Responsibility
A. Attaining personal responsibility
II. Ways of attaining success.
A. Time management
B. Setting goals
III. Focus on personal responsibility
A. Developing a Preliminary Plan
B. Seeking Advice
IV. Conclusion

Personal Responsibility
Personal responsibility refers to the act of identifying or recognizing a problem and taking care of it, whether it belongs to oneself or to someone else. Some personal problems can be handled at an individual level while others require cooperation as well as agreement. Personal responsibility also infers correcting one’s own mistakes, monitoring and judging one’s actions and acquiring motivation. For a person to be personally responsible, he or she needs to reevaluate what they think and comparing their thoughts with what they have learnt or discovered. Attaining personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility calls for courage and confidence. It is effective that a person portrays self-dignity and avoids pride so as to allow him or herself learn from his or her mistakes. Dignity can be characterized by humility and entails someone doing what is necessary regardless of whether they want it or not. For a college student to succeed in education, he or she requires to be personally responsible. Success in college calls for commitment in the areas of study (Colby et al, 2003). Ways of attaining success

Time management
This calls for dedication of free time to the weak areas and availing more time for the same. It also involves completing and handling in assignments on time and entails active group participation. It also involves...

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