Personal Responsibility Essay

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Being in Control
February 28, 2013
Martin Bergstrom

Being in Control
In order to achieve personal responsibility you must hold yourself accountable for your own actions, despite the consequences that come from those actions. You must understand that what you do impacts those around you, instead of blaming others for our mistakes and/or choices; we can accept responsibility for our own lives. In my opinion, personal responsibility is the key not only to college success, but in life as well. As an adult, I reflect back to the teachings of my childhood. I was taught not only personal responsibility, but also how to plan ahead, make conscious-ethical decisions, and manage my time wisely. One of the most important ways to accomplish success, whether it be college or personal, is managing time effectively. Once it is gone, there is no way to get more, there is no reset button and you cannot turn the clocks back. As a student and mother, I think about the endless possibilities of college success and make rational decisions to achieve my goals. The time and effort I contribute to my responsibilities and priorities will determine success. Therefore, I approach time and responsibilities as if I am in control. “Too many students are showing up on campus under-prepared for college; in fact, with scarcely any idea why they are there in the first place” (Long, J. 2010). Instead, most students are more overwhelmed with organizing their dorm rooms, pledging for a sorority or fraternity, and going to parties. For these students, college is a culture shock and it becomes more about fitting in and being known rather than about education, attending classes and maintaining good grades. “And, for most of them, four years later they are handed a diploma, perhaps only barely more educated than when they first unpacked” (Long, J. 2010). From experience, college is easier when you are single with little to no responsibilities; it is especially difficult when you have children and responsibilities other than your education. I have wasted too much time procrastinating on unnecessary things in my life, instead of focusing on my personal responsibilities and completing my degree. I should have taken my degree seriously years ago when the only person I had to worry about was myself. My top priority should have been class and turning in my assignments on time, however I was more interested in parties and what my friends wanted to do. “Lack of personal responsibility is considered one of the main causes of American school failure (Hwang, 1995). The lack of planning can quickly undermine your success in school (Ellis, 2011, p. Chapter 2 (p. 61)). When I chose to return to college, for the purpose of completing my Bachelor’s degree, I did so without much planning, with no hesitations, or any excuses as to why I should not. I have since, learned more about unexpected events in my life can alter the plan I had set in motion. This time around I had my head on straight; therefore, I began to set daily reminders, short-term goals, and managed to-do lists. As for this time, I was able to stay focused on my weekly tasks along with helping care for my two children and a dedicated wife. As a University of Phoenix student, my goal is to gain the support and experience to be successful in order to make knowledgeable career decisions. I am learning how to achieve the small goals set forth, with the intentions of reaching the type of successful future I have dreamed of acquiring for myself and my family. When I made the decision to finish my degree, I knew it would not be easy, but I was up for the challenge. I have a personal responsibility to myself and most of all, my family to create the life I am working so hard to possess. My personal responsibilities do not only affect me, they affect the life and resources I can provide for my children and my husband. I want to provide my children with support and finances to help them be successful in their futures. I...

References: Schweinle, A., & Luralyn, M. H. (2011). Success and motivation among college students. Social Psychology of Education: An International Journal, 14(4), 529-546. Doe:
The article is a great insight on how some college students actually think. Most of the students beginning college for the first time are scared, but their anxiety sometimes gets the best of them. Some students strive to be the best students by going to class, participating, and making exceptional grades, as for other students, they seem to get wrapped up in fitting in and college life parties.
Long, J. (2010, Sep 02). Secrets for college success. Roanoke Times & World News. Retrieved from
This is a good overview article from Roanoke Times & World News, which focuses on the irresponsible acts of some college students. A brief insight of under-prepared students is provided, as well as, a description of students’ expectations. The article is enlightening in that it gives examples of irresponsible acts among college students. On the other hand, encourages students that college is an experience that should not be taken lightly to become educated or be successful.
Ellis, D. (2011). Becoming a Master Student (13th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.
This is a textbook to help students become successful students. There are several excellent and pertinent chapters which are devoted to becoming a successful student. If this book is used for the purpose in which it was written, then each student should be able to manage their time, money, and be better prepared overall students. The chapter on time is effective for beginning students, as well as, returning students. Each chapter helps in some way that pertains to classes, course material, and family.
Personal responsibility. (2011, Apr 20). US Fed News Service, Including US State News. Retrieved from
This is an exceptional article from our United States Air Force about professional and personal responsibility. This article is interesting to consider in that it relies on individuals to take responsibility for all their own actions good or bad. The article further presents that individuals should not try to condone their irresponsible behavior or fall too peer pressure which promotes bad choices. As individuals we should hold ourselves to the highest standards by perfecting our personal responsibility, just as our military is required to do.
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