Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility
Alysia Frederick
Gen 200
June 24, 2013
Al Wilfong

Personal Responsibility
Achieving college success can be accomplished in several ways by oneself. Taking steps to exceeding, developing set goals, time management, and personal responsibility goes hand in hand. Although, if one does not follow these steps or stays true to themselves, life could become overwhelming, stressful, and chaotic. By doing this he or she cannot only achieve success in college, but also in his or her personal life.

Merriam-Webster (1995) defines responsibility as the quality or state of living responsible, for something which one is liable to answer for one’s acts or decisions. When hearing the above an individual has to believe by having any success in life, person responsibility goes hand in hand. Achieving college success or personal success in life one has to take action for any decisions, choices, or actions that are made. It takes much strength for someone to stand up for his or her own beliefs and actions. When someone has plans to achieve college success or success in anything in life; plans and goals should be set before expecting any type of success. Some may view personal responsibility different from the person next to them; one thing that is truly the same is the effort to achieving success in his or her own life. Everyone is ultimately responsible for everything in their lives, pointing fingers at others is giving excuses on why one cannot achieve success.

Success in college can be seen in several ways. He or she can measure college success in all types of ways; by achieving good grades, learning new knowledge, learning how to speak to others, working together as a team, and the final result a college degree. To accomplish such goals, he or she first must know what they are wanting out of college. With this personal responsibility comes into play; by not...

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