Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility
Practicing personal responsibility in every aspect of our lives is the safest way to guarantee personal success. Personal responsibility is as simple as managing our life and making our own decisions without giving others the opportunity to dictate the outcome of our future. As the architects of our academic future, we must understand that only we can lay the foundation for our success. It is also important to recognize that having a strong preliminary plan to practice personal responsibility in our education is essential in achieving our academic goals.

Dr. Ron Haskins with the Annie E. Casey Foundation defines personal responsibility as “the willingness to accept both the importance of standards that society establishes for individual behavior and to make strenuous personal efforts to live by those standards”. According to Dr. Haskins “personal responsibility also means that when individuals fail to meet such expected standards, they do not look around for some factor outside themselves to blame”. Dr. Haskins is saying that by accepting our role in society we are accepting the responsibilities that come with that role. That if our responsibilities become overwhelming, we will make the necessary sacrifices or changes to fulfill those responsibilities and we will not blame our faults on others. When it pertains to your education, you must understand that it is your responsibility to always seek improvement in order to become a valuable member of our society.

Personal responsibility and college success will always go hand in hand. The moment we decide to seek an education we make a huge commitment to ourselves and others. We become part of a small group of individuals who believe that self-improvement and the pursuit of excellence are the keys to achieving success. As we embark on our educational journey we will be faced with many...

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