Personal Reflection

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Motivation, Human resource management Pages: 3 (854 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Personal reflection
An effective self - reflection can lead to insightful individual growth and transformation, there are many learning theorists in the West who argued that ‘critical self-reflection is the core ingredient in personal transformation’ ( Therefore, this personal reflection will analyse what I have learned over three years at University, my journey over the module SM3035 Discovering Entrepreneurs where I will reflect on the topics covered in lectures. Furthermore, I will evaluate the future paths and the perspective of applying learning from the module to the actual live. Additionally, this paper will analyse the effectiveness of the group works where the findings will reflect on the Twelve Cs Team building. I am currently a third year Human Resource Management student. When I started a University I was almost four years out of overcome those challenges. In particular, I started using a planner with a clear defined deadlines and realistic goals and to-do-lists which has become an integral part of my daily life. In terms of self – motivation for me it was just a matter of setting up a clear objectives and goals on the path to my desired career. I knew that if I want to succeed and become a professional HRM specialist I have to study, therefore it was the main motivating factor for me. However, Maslow’s 1943 Hierarchy of Needs illustrated a broader understanding of motivating factors that influence human behaviour along with the principles of how to combine effectively time management with our needs. On the third year of University I was inspired by the module Designing Entrepreneurs SM3035, as the core aim of which was to introduce the principles of entrepreneurship or how to start your own business from the scratch. Even though I was not planning to open my own business, though, I found this module highly informative and motivating. The lecture teacher was very passionate about the module and therefore...
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