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Personal Recounts- a Day in the Life of Superman

By anikshamalik9 Mar 20, 2013 562 Words
A day in the life of Superman

I nearly died today .I could not help but toss and turn in bed and think about how horrible my day had been . what would have happened if the Atomic Skull had hit me on my head.

“Someone help me!” old .Auntie Mary was lost in the jungle. She could not find her way out and was shouting frantically for help.The sun was setting. Auntie Mary was shouting for help because she had now been captured by the notorious Atomic Skull. He was notorious because of his habit of abducting little children and the elderly.

“Ha ha, now nobody can save you,” laughed the Atomic Skull but he was wrong and I had heard Auntie Mary. The Atomic Skull’s teeth were a disgusting sight to look at and his face was bigger than his body.

“ Superman to the rescue,” I was on my way to the spot where Auntie Mary was since he was already near the jungle. I was just flying past the jungle at that time. The jungle was eerie and gloomy and had a lot of trees.

No longer than a minute had passed when I arrived at the spot where Auntie Mary was. There was one problem, she and the Atomic Skull were not there anymore. The Atomic Skull had brought her somewhere. I started to look for Auntie Mary. She was nowhere in sight.

Then, I heard the rustling of leaves. I turned around and saw that there was a pile of leaves nearby which could have been used to hide behind. I then had an idea.I crept the other way round the tree to the back of the pile of leaves. That was when I saw the creepy Atomic Skull.

The Atomic Skull saw me and we began to fight.There was a lot of action as well as blood.The Atomic Skull could feel a punch on his cheek and felt his hand raising up to hit me. He had a scythe in the other hand and had the mean thought of hitting me with it.Auntie Mary could not bear this sight so she turned around.

I was wise and had known that earlier so I kicked the scythe out of the Atomic Skulls hand. The Atomic Skull was helpless now he was powerless and could not do anything but ask for forgiveness or so I thought so.

Just as I turned around with Auntie Mary, the Atomic Skull, being very nasty, crept towards his scythe and picked it up, aimed it at me. Just as he was about to throw it, I turned around saw what the Atomic Skull was up to. I ducked just in time and gave the Atomic Skull one last kick of mine which was one of the famous style of kicks.

The Atomic Skull lay there, groaning in pain as if he had fallen from a tree which was very high and broke a bone or two.
“Better luck next time, Atomic Skull. Always remember that where there is evil ,there is good and where there is you , there is me! Ha ha!”

I was smiling to myself because I had just realised that I had spent two hours thinking of what had happened instead of sleeping. “ How silly of me!” he said before he started to snore.

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