Personal Reaction to 911

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A Day and the Life of 9-11
I remember the account like it was yesterday. It seems like any other morning I got up early with a reminder call from mom. (She work overnight) I head back down the hallway to the siblings room I wake up the boys first. They were always the hardest to wake up. “Time to get up”, I yelled like a screaking alarm clock as I jumped excitedly up and down the bed where they slept. All you can hear is the moan of the boys’ stops and pleading to get more sleep. Next stop back to my bed room where my dear little sister lays sleeping I walk up to the bed and shake hear and say time to get up. I politely give her a wake because never gives me trouble when it is time to get ready for school. I roll my eyes because those troublesome brothers of mine I know are not up out of that bed and I have to repeat the previous process and this time up each one out of the bed. While I spend time doing this my sister is up and at it she in the bathroom washing her face and brushing her teeth not having to be told what to do. In my thought I say I love that little girl. My brothers of course are moving in slow motions like a sloth in a tree. I am aggressively pushing them along and barking orders at them tell them what to do like a drill sergeant in the Army. “Wash your face”, “Brush your teeth” and “Make sure you brush your hair”. Now that I have gotten the boys up and moving I head to the kitchen to get breakfast going. Not long after finish the siblings start rolling in. My sister first so nice and chipper like she is skipping in a garden and picking flowers as she goes, how she can be that happy that early in the morning I will never understand. I finally boys come dragging their feet into the kitchen and flopping in a chair. Still grumbling about being up so early complaining about how I could have let them sleep longer. Now here is where the really trouble begins now that they are all in the same room. So now the brothers start to bother their little sister since the breakfast they are eating seems to miraculously give them a turbo boot of energy. All I can hear is “Stop leave me alone”, laughing and name calling going at the table behind me. My job as a big sister mother like role comes in to play; I turn to them and yell “Leave her alone before I start on yall!” Breakfast is all done now it is time to round up the troops and get them to the bus stop. Making sure they have their book bags and everything that goes in it. Once we have jackets and book bags on we make our venture up the winding driveway to the bus stop. After the bus arrives I head back down the driveway, and now have to get myself ready for school and head back down to the bus stop to get myself off to school. Now on the bus were take normal route and pickup kids. We head to the middle school to drop them off and now we head to the high school. While heading to the high school the bus driver received a call and was taking alternate route to drop us off at the school. We can see the route we normally take and there are cars backed up down the street. We thought that we had another bomb threat since that was kinda normal at our school. Once inside and we headed to homeroom we were told that planes had crashed into a building in New York. We turned on the news in the classroom because we wanted to know the details of what was going on. As we watched the news started report the approach of a second plane and we watched in real time the second plane crash into the second building. Not really understanding what was going on the new reports that it was a terrorist attack happening. Instantly it made since why we had to take a different route to school that day. Our school is Next to one of the biggest Army training bases. So of course the locked down the base no one in and no one out, which caused the traffic to back up around the school. The students reaction was mixed the students bombards the teacher with questions that at this time she had no answers...

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Dean, J
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