Personal Profile

Topics: Meat, Swimming, Ethics of eating meat Pages: 3 (1181 words) Published: April 17, 2014
Personal Profile
I am Paul Martinez and at my 18 years of age I find my self in a awesome and beautiful place. I had the opportunity of coming here just a year ago and I´m very thankful to my parents that supported me in every way which with out their help this experience would have been completely impossible. I was born in Mexico City in 1995 and shortly after that I moved to Akumal a small fishing town along the Caribbean coast. I spent my childhood surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape of white sand beaches, turquoise water and tropical jungle with a large variety of wildlife. In kindergarten I assisted to a Montessori school which promoted the moral values of humanity. Afterwards I attended a Waldorf school which had great emphasis on arts and the develompment of human as an aromic being in concordance with the nature. Through out the elementary school I developed tastes for the arts which the school had and offered many means to help me succed in this field that until today I keep sharpening. Thanks to my school and its great education everyone in my class and the in whole school developed sence of taking care of the planet helping as you could not mattering how small the action was, the intention was what counted and if every person helped with their small grain of sand it would make a huge difference. Since a child I always enrolled and volunttered in beach cleaning campaings and projects which I did not only for the helping but the pleasure of being on the beach on a beatiful place I was blessed to be living in. I was tought to play the flute but I never developed likes for other instruments which at this day I regreat and I know it isnpt to late to start, it never is but simply I haven´t have enough willpower to make it happen. As for sports I found my self attracted to swmming since a little kid, well anyone who lived in the place I used to would have done it too, it is imposible to resist to that caribbean turquoise warm water. After...
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