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Leadership Profile
-- the CEO of Enlight Media Co. Ltd.

GONG Siyao (12436798)

Wang Changtian is the president of Beijing Enlight Media Co., Ltd. He is ambitious and his driving force comes from the interests of his own. He is interested in news, so he starts his business on entertainment news. He is innovative to develop in the communicational market. He extends his company from TV industry to film and music industries. Now, Enlight Media is the leader of private communication companies in China. Graduated from Fudan University, he grew up from a journalist to be an excellent president. He used to work in different newspaper offices, such as China Business Times and China Industry and Commerce News. These experiences offered him an acute feeling about communicational market. When Wang worked in Beijing TV, he found that the industry of entertainment TV programmes had great potential . The working experience in Beijing TV also brought him great experience on how to produce attractive news TV programmes. In 1998, he established Beijing Enlight Media Co., Ltd. Wang Changtian is good at making decisions according to current situations. At first, his company just made entertainment news programmes. With the increasing of Enlight Media's influence, he integrated his resources and decided to produce two more programmes about pop music and interview of celebrities. Because audiences were interested in music and celebrities, but there were few programmes about these contents. Besides, the news of music and celebrities can enrich the entertainment news. This decision made his career develop faster, because more famous companies cooperated with him and Enlight Media became much more popular in China. Another decision made by Wang is that Enlight Media firm was amalgamated with Huayou Century(Music) and named the new corporation " Enlight Huayou" in 2007. He thought this merger would brought new chances to the...

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