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 Personal Development Plan Essay

Personal Development Planning (PDP) is a simple process of reflecting on your own learning, performance and achievements that helps you to plan your personal, educational and career development A PDP can help you to increase your self-awareness- who you are and what you want, identify the skills and experience that you already have, and those that you need, create a plan to acquire the skills you may need for your academic studies or your chosen career path and keep a record of your achievements that you can draw on when you apply for further study or employment. A Personal Development Plan (PDP) helps ‘you to plan ahead towards your dreams’ it ‘helps you shape your own ambitions, identify the skills and qualities needed to achieve your goals’, it ‘helps you develop skills, qualities and attitudes that help you to find a good job as a graduate. It ‘helps develop skills that will help in your studies, in your career and in life more generally,’ it will, ‘prioritise your time more effectively to allow time for your study’. (Cottrell, s (2003))

It is essential that health and social workers have the confidence to question their own practice, the organisation that they work in, and dominant power structures in society at large (Fook, 1999). 

Whilst creating my PDP I found that self-awareness exercises are key tools in familiarising myself with the techniques used to reflect on my use of helping skills. Creating my PDP wasn’t just about me gaining and broadening academic skills but about developing my own personal skills. I found that using the Johari Window was a great tool for me to become more self aware.

Johari’s Window is based on the principle that of all the things about us that exist can be found through positive and honest information. The theory consists of four windowpanes. This visual is monumental in grasping the true message of observation and trust, or does it?

Johari’s first pane, “the arena,” embraces the notion that if I tell you about me and you tell me about you, this shared information is the basis for all our mutual dealings with each other. This comfort zone provides effective communication, by trusting, understanding and confronting issues “the arena” is maximized. The larger the area, the more it dominates negative panes in his window.

The second pane believes that some information will be known to us but not to the people we deal with. This is the pane, better known as the “Mask,” encourages us to engage in game playing, trickery, and the like. The larger this pane, the less chance we have of developing true relationships with others because such relationships are usually based heavily on trust.

Pane three is potentially dangerous because there is information known by others, that we do not know about ourselves called the “Blind-spot.” We risk exposing weakness not known to us and can be exploited by others.

Finally the forth pane, “The Unknown Area,” describes a special place that is secret. It is a source, for the most part, of personal creativity and other resources, which we may never have even suspected. Although one might see this theory as the last threatening, it really is the pane that defines self-awareness you develop in the other three.

By completing the Johari Window exercise I have found that I am in a better position to identify the areas in which I have existing strengths and those areas in which I need to improve. For example, before choosing my optional units, I had to take stock of my strengths (confident in my waitressing job) and weaknesses (struggle with time management), to ascertain where I am now.

I first completed the Open/Free area of Johari’s Window. Here my ability and capacity to accomplish challenges in life became very prominent to me. It helped me realise that if I am able to manage my time correctly I will be more than capable of pursuing a career as a Social Worker. I feel very strongly about...
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