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Topics: Psychology, Jean Piaget, Personality psychology Pages: 8 (3122 words) Published: December 11, 2013
William Rainey Harper College
Fall 2013

Dr. Michael K. Meyerhoff


Name of Student:Simona Kavrakova

The purpose of this paper is to afford you the opportunity to express your understanding and appreciation of psychology as it relates to your own experiences and aspirations. In other words, this paper will assess how well you can relate various psychological theories, concepts, and principles to real life – specifically, your own life

You are to briefly describe A) the kind of work you are currently doing and/or the kind of work you plan to do in the future, and/or B) any personal/family issues you may currently have and/or plan to have in the future and/or have had in the past (and would care to share), such as your past or present relationship with your parents, present or future relationship with a significant other, present or future child-rearing plans, etc. Then, in some detail, describe how things you have learned in this course have given you the kind of information and insight that will contribute to your happiness and success in life. Make sure you explain which specific theories, concepts, or principles are particularly relevant and precisely how and why they are important. Do not simply copy terms and definitions. Demonstrate true understanding through application rather than recitation.

If you have any questions about this assignment or any problems completing in by the due date, make sure to consult with me well in advance of the due date. Your paper must be at least 5 full double-spaced typed pages in length, and this sheet should be stapled (not clipped) to the top of it prior to submission. Please do not place your paper in a special folder or use a special cover. Thank you. HOW TO DO WELL ON THIS PAPER

Submit your paper on the due date.
Make sure your paper is at least 5 full double-spaced pages. Do not make your margins more than 1 inch and do not use a font larger than 12. Remember that this is a psychological paper. Do not talk about anything if you are not going to relate it to a specific psychological theory, concept, or principle. Keep in mind that anything and everything you have done, are doing, or plan to do is fair game for this paper. You may focus on work or family, you may focus on the present or the future, or you may spread your discussions across several aspects of your life. That is entirely up to you. But do not fill up pages with long descriptions of your experiences, plans, relationships, etc. Instead, provide specific explanations of how an understanding of those specific psychological theories, concepts, or principles will help you be a better professional/parent/friend/partner/spouse/student or whatever out there in the real world. For example, do not write something like “My boyfriend and I are so much in love and we’re going to get married and live happily ever after.” Instead, write something like “Learning about Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love helped me realize why my past loves didn’t last, and has given me confidence that my current relationship, which contains all three elements, will in fact be as successful as I think it will be.” There is no set number of theories, concepts, or principles you must apply in this paper. However, if you do not identify a least 6 different theories, concepts, or principles in your discussions, that will result in a major loss of points. Also keep in mind that the asterisks in the notes are there to help you study for the exams and are not tied into your papers. Therefore, you should feel free to use any theory, concept, or principle you feel is relevant whether or not it is marked with an asterisk. Attend class and pay attention. Read the assignment and keep it in mind as we cover all of the material in class. It is strongly suggested that from the beginning of the semester, you make...
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