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Topics: Syria, Life, Developing country Pages: 3 (1184 words) Published: November 6, 2013

Sparking the Value of Life
An unforgettable experience can be triggered by fear, astonishment, or amusement. These experiences for me tend to be sparked by fear. An experience that will not slip memory is the horrifying moment a speeding train could have easily taken away not only my life but the lives of people close to me. Experiences like these illustrate the fragility of life, while creating a sense of reality to the idea of how one’s life can quickly end. Residing in a developed country may cause us to be less empathetic to current issues in developing countries such as the Arab spring, Syria in particular. The conflict in Syria has caused citizens to understand how quickly and unexpectedly their lives can be jeopardized. Having this thought in mind will lead to humanity valuing the smaller things in life.

Not everyone has experienced a moment where one was literally two centimeters away from death. I can still remember the adrenaline in that exact moment caused to everyone that had experienced it. It was directly after school two years ago and my mom was driving us to a restaurant to have lunch with her. To get there, there was an intersection between train tracks and the road. The traffic light was green but the train light was red; this meant all cars need to stop to allow the train to pass. At that time my mom was quite distracted from all the commotion we were making; this caused her to neglect the train light. Before we knew it the bar that was supposed to stop us from entering began to be lowered onto our car. At that point the car became silent because we all realized the operators of those bars lowered it too late and we were on the train tracks and a train was about to swiftly pass by and it would be too late to stop the train. The operators looked at us in panic because they knew they couldn’t do anything about it because if we backed up we would hit the car behind us and if we couldn’t move forward because we didn’t have enough time to...

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