Personal Philosophy of Leadership

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Personal Philosophy of Leadership
Althea McDaniel
Professor Angie Barr
HCS 525
Phoenix University
May 2, 2015

Personal Philosophy of Leadership
My personal philosophy of leadership is to set an example, treat people as they want to be treated, be accountable, listen actively and develop effective communication. Having a positive attitude and celebrating even the smallest of wins, is a part of my philosophy as well. I believe that a leader should be able to handle problems in a democratic way and be able to lead, trust and respect all employees. Changes occur in all organizations and as a leader I will be able to assist employees to be prepared for these changes and assist the organization with implementing those changes. As a strong and effective leader, I will learn the goals and values of every individual and what they need from me (University Alliance, 2015). Personal philosophy of leadership is not one that I have given much thought to. However, I just know that being a leader is what I consider myself to be. I am a leader that wants what is best for the organization and what is best for all employees. I am a leader that believes you can never stop learning. Being honest, candid, having passion, respect, confidence, clarity, care, integrity, compassion, and able to engage employees, shows good leadership. Good leadership is having shared visions, humility, empowering, communication and being fearless; this is the type of leader that employees would want to lead them. These are all of what my personal philosophy of leadership is and more. When it comes to being a leader, I do not want to be just good, I want to be one of the best and at some point in my life, the best. The primary role that health care leaders should play is making sure that patients receive quality care and that their safety is the highest concern of everyone. Healthcare leaders have the responsibility of making sure that all patients are safe and that they receive quality care and that their employees are making all patients a priority. There are many different roles that leaders play in the healthcare field. However, their main role is the well-being of all patients. Leaders represent the organization that they work for, and they must have an understanding of the goals and visions as well as the mission of their organization to lead effectively, efficiently and successfully. With the variety of leadership theories, I believe that leaders in healthcare should follow the behavioral theory. The behavioral theory is about leaders being made and not born. Employees in the healthcare industry can become leaders, they have the experience and without even realizing it they have already become a leader. Behavioral theory teaches us that people can be taught how to be a leader and that leadership skills can be learned. We look for leadership traits in people, but we overlook those that do not have characteristics of a leader. Based on this theory, and all the assumptions that are made, this type of leadership is beneficial. It is beneficial because you are shaping the person into being a leader, by enhancing and adding skills to those skills they already have and providing all the necessary tools needed overtime to produce an effective and successful leader. There is no pressure the employee or employees are being groomed at their own pace, being mentored and coached to become a leader, it gives them a sense of belonging, not only as an employee, but as an employee that has more to offer. My current sphere of influence comes from watching others just be followers. I have never wanted to be a follower. I have always wanted to be a leader, to assist people and help them along in whatever it is that they wanted to do in life. I believe that I have been influenced by watching leaders in my family, in the workplace and just watching the differences in people in general. I am influenced by watching successful leaders,...

References: University Alliance. (2015). Effective Leadership - What Makes an Effective Leader. Retrieved from
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