Personal Narritive

Topics: Illinois, Basketball, High school Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Tina McGuire

English IV

Ms. McGuire

25 March 2013

Never a Sure Thing

When I first entered high school, I did not want to play any sports. Though, my friend, Brenda, talked me into trying out for the basketball team. I tried it, and as it turned out, I was pretty good. I played on the JV team as a freshman, and then quickly moved up to varsity. By the time I was a senior, I was the varsity team’s starting shooting guard, and I had already broken many school records. With all of this success, it was not a surprise when many division one and two colleges and universities contacted me about playing for their programs. I visited many schools, and finally decided to play at Michigan State. Due to NCAA rules, I was not allowed to formally sign with the school until the spring of my senior year, so I verbally committed to the school and the coach. Throughout my senior year, I stayed in contact with the coaches, and also had a few campus visits. I even travelled with the team to an away game at The University of Illinois. My senior season started out great, and I was really at the top of my game. I broke another school record, and was named Mid-Illini player of the week the first three weeks of the season. Even with all of these new awards, Coach P, Michigan State’s coach, reminded me that I needed to stay healthy in order to fulfill my obligations of my verbal contract. Her voice was in the back of my mind one practice late in the season my senior year. Due to an injury, the varsity team was looking for a couple of players to move up to the team and finish out the season. So, the JV coach thought it would be a good idea for the JV and varsity teams to scrimmage. The varsity team was not taking the game too seriously, but the JV girls were playing like it was the state championships. While playing defense, I stole the ball from the JV’s all-star point guard who was looking to fill one of the varsity available spots. She got frustrated,...
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