Personal Narrative: The Four Pillars Of NHS

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Throughout my life, I have met very many great leaders and individuals in general. Each of these people had special characteristics and qualities that I believe made them so special. Not only did these people have unique traits, they all also possessed the four pillars of NHS. Service, scholarship, leadership, and character are all very important qualities that I believe every individual should acquire. Service is the act of helping or doing something for someone else. I believe service is a very important quality because in order to be someone others look up to, you should be a kind and caring person who helps out others when they are in need. If you are not kind and caring, then it is hard for others to respect you. Community service is …show more content…
I believe that leadership is important because you always need someone to step up and lead others down the right path. Leaders help others to succeed and be the best version of themselves. Without leaders, children would not have role models to look up to and would not know right from wrong. I try to be a leader by being kind to everyone and by making good decisions. I always try to lift people up when they are down and encourage them to never give up. I was also recently nominated to take a leadership class through Southeastern Community College. So far, this class has taught me a lot about being a leader, and I plan to learn much more throughout the coming year. Lastly, good character is a very important quality to possess. Character is important because it shows what kind of a person you are. If you have bad character then nobody can trust you or count on you for anything. I show character by always being respectful towards other people. I believe that everybody deserves respect and kindness. I am also responsible. I always get my work done on time and do what I am asked to do. All in all I try to have the best character possible. As you can see, the four pillars of NHS are very important to me. I believe all great leaders have character, leadership, scholarship, and service. I also try to incorporate all four of these things into my everyday life. Although I am not perfect, I will always try my best to become a better

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