Personal Narrative: The Fast And The Furriest

Topics: Mother, Hug, Physical intimacy Pages: 4 (876 words) Published: March 19, 2018

The Fast and the Furriest

“But Comn’ Dad! Seriously, you are going to make the poor dog suffer?” Kevin asked Howie.
“Well... No, but- “He was cut off from his sentence, by Kevin begging Howie. “Pleeeease! Dad” Kevin drug out his E’s and began to give him doe eyes. Howie pondered for a bit than spoke “I will tell you what, if you make a good presentation about why Cromwell and you should go to lessons I will let you. But! Momma has to like to too. “He said gesturing towards Janice. Kevin’s mother. Cromwell picked up the leash and dragged it over towards Kevin and happily swung his tail back and forth.
“See! Look! He always wants to go outside!” Kevin said, but just then he got a brilliant idea for his presentation. Kevin scurried to his...

When they arrived to the super market Janice went off to the food section while Kevin and Cromwell got everything they needed from the office supplies and camera section. A half an hour later Kevin and met up at the checkout sign.
“Got everything you need, Kiddo?” Janice asked Kevin. “Yep” he replied “how about you!?” He returned the question. “I sure do!” she answered. When the finished checking out she handed the man 60 dollars for the total. “Thank you mom!” Kevin said hugging her. “No problem Kevin.” She hugged back. When they got back home, Kevin jolted back to his room along with Cromwell.
“Okay... I am going to take some pictures of you! Act adorable!” Kevin said pulling the camera out of its packaging and loading film into it. Kevin took a picture of him laying down in the sun. "Hmm. Maybe I should start to write my argument now." He wondered while he grabbed a piece of paper and starts to brainstorm. It was about 20 minutes later when he thought of just what to write, He got out his laptop and started to type it. Well, because his hand writing isn't the best. Kevin hid his things before Cromwell and him went outside 30 minutes...

Kevin took pictures of what he was doing, it was adorable in his mind. Cromwell was rolling in the grass, playing is the sprinkler, and going through an obstacle course. When Cromwell and Kevin got inside Kevin went to his room, while Cromwell laid in the kitchen drinking water every now and then.

Kevin was working hard on his argument for stating why dad should let him and Cromwell go to lessons. Kevin printed out the paper. And pasted it on a colored piece of paper and cut off some of the edges so it would not be so tall and wide. He pasted that paper on the poster then printed out the words "CROMWELL”,” Why We Should Go to Lessons” and "PICTURES" Then he pasted them into different sections of the poster and pasted all of the pictures and the word "CROMWELL" in the middle of the poster. He put more little drawings in the blank spaces to make it bolder and interesting.

"Daaaad! I am done!" Kevin said, walking out after about an hour. "Cool, let me see what you did then." Howie said. Kevin showed Howie the poster, he read it for a while then smiled. "Good job kiddo." Howie smiled and said "Yes." "YAAAY! You hear that Cromwell? We get to go to lessons!” Kevin said giving his dad a hug and Cromwell a good ear...
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