Personal Narrative: The Day I Woke Up Disoriented

Pages: 3 (557 words) Published: July 24, 2017

Saturday morning I woke up disoriented. Next to me slept Brian, nude. Whenever we had an argument, he smothered me in my sleep.
Brian's scent in and of itself incited lust. Sensing his sexual pull, I wanted his hands on me, but he looked so relaxed and at peace, I didn’t have the heart to wake him. While he slept, I glanced at his beautiful face, realizing how much I love him, and how I had loved no one else.
I remember when we met. Soon after I graduated from high school, my father authorized me to vacation in New York with my best friend's family. The Leavenworth's family received an invitation to the birthday party of Brian sister, Mary. She introduced us and forced Brian to chaperone me around the city. He was 27 years old and I was 18....

"Where do you think you are going my lady?" He asked me while snuggling beside to me.
Angling my body closer to him, I kissed him on the lips, slow and long. "I need to use the bathroom and take a shower." I whispered on his lips.
Smiling salaciously, Brian replied, "I am sorry, but you can’t go now. I have a gift for you."
He got on top of me, spread my legs with his knees and added, "Let me give you a clue. It’s hard, big, long, and conveniently unpack for you." Laughing, I ignored him and tried to lose his hold, but he pinned me underneath him and moved his hips seductively pressing his hard erection against my sex. He kissed me behind my ear, awakening my senses.
Entwining his fingers with mine, he kissed me on my neck. "I love waking up with you." He said as he caressed my arms. "Your skin is so soft. I love smelling my scent on you. I love smelling your scent on me. You smell so fucking good."
Seconds later, Brian faced moved between my legs. I felt his wicked tongue all over my clit. While he sucked on my clit, he pushed two fingers inside me. He sank his tongue back and forth my pussy. I was desperate for him. I wanted to feel him deep inside...
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