Personal Narrative: Salem Varsity Gymnastics

Pages: 3 (586 words) / Published: Nov 8th, 2017
I was a Freshman on the Salem Varsity Gymnastics team, and practice consisted of preparing the team for regionals. An unknown pain in my back wound me up in the trainer's office for an hour of the two and a half hour practice. After finishing the season strong, even though I wanted to give up countless times, pushing myself to work through the pain paid off at regionals. Even though I should have stopped because I made the pain and recovery time longer, I refused to give up on my team the week before regionals. The minute season ended, I decided to go see my doctor, he said I pulled a muscle, and the solution was rest, heat, and ice.
My excitement to start gymnastics the following summer increased with every day that passed by, when the first day came around I could not focus on anything but
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My coaches and my team members did everything they could to make me feel apart of the team, they made sure I knew of practice times, meet times, and team bonding. I showed up at every meet to cheer my team on, and still connect with the existing team members and the new girls. At the end of the year banquet, my coaches presented me with the most spirited award. Staying connected with my team, and not letting an injury cause me to fade away from my favorite sport and my favorite group of people became my biggest priority. The true dedication to my team is what won me most spirited and made me feel connected to my team.
The journey my injury took me on helped me to find myself. It was an extremely tough time in my life. Wearing my back brace to school everyday brought unwanted attention, and many questions from my classmates. After long hours of physical therapy and recovering made me agree that with the statement, everything happens for a reason, I got injured to show my team that one can overcome any obstacle. I now can find the positivity, and who will support me through any setback in my

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