Personal Narrative on the Way We Learn

Topics: Middle school, Learning, High school Pages: 2 (816 words) Published: April 3, 2013
The way we learn is very important and has a huge impact on how we retain information. Majority of my learning experiences in the past was thru classroom settings or group meetings where I had teachers teaching me everything I needed to learn or classmates helping me when I run into minor problems with our assignment.

I was born in Taiwan and immigrated to the United States when I was eight years old. Not only did I have to adjust to the new diversity environment but I was forced to learn English as my second language. Just like every other bilingual children, I was put into an ESL class as a second grader in an elementary school around Jackson Heights where majority of the ESL classmates were Hispanic. Being the only Chinese child in that class I knew there was no other ways to articulate myself using my native language, therefore I began to constrain myself picking up words by from the teacher and other children. I started copying the words they used by looking at their movements and actions. By observing I was able to rapidly pick up new vocabulary words and sentences every day in school. I still remembered in the beginning I would first point at the bathroom pass after raising my hand and the teacher would understand what I needed and taught me to say the word “bathroom” and then the actual sentence “may I please go to the bathroom”. I have to admit I got a little confused by copying other children. There were this one time I nodded my head and said “Si” to my teacher thinking that the word “Si” meant yes because hear the girl next to me nodding her head every time she was certain about something but she was actually speaking in Spanish. After second grade I transferred to another elementary school in Flushing Queens. Unlike my first elementary school there were actually other children who I can play and speak with in my native language which lead to a negative impact on my communication skills. I would only play and talk to my “chinky” friends and not...
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