Personal Narrative: Navy Seal Member

Topics: United States Navy SEALs, Team / Pages: 6 (1426 words) / Published: Dec 22nd, 2016
The extinction of all humanity was near. With people dying and turning into these… things would change my view on the world and on life as I had knew it. As a Navy Seal Member I live basically everywhere. But my wife and my 3 kids live in New Jersey near the town of Toms River, we have lived here for over 20 years and this house is my home and will forever hold my secrets to it. My people that I work with are my other Seal Team, but after the Virus hit; my other team members had gone silent and never answered to me. It is easier for me to just claim that the rest of my team is dead, it then let's me just know some sort of answer. I knew of a Virus coming out, but nothing like what this had brought to the world and all humanity.
First of all let this sink in: monsters of incredible speed reaching up to 60 mph running and jumping the height of a giant, this was no ordinary thing to just happen. As a Navy Seal Member I know that if I did not leave and did not take my team with me and go into hiding, I would have been executed by the Government. I believe they have made this Virus as a test to see how humanity would do if given a challenge and knowing who would turn their back on family and friends. This all began in 2030 when people celebrated this year because of how the date looked, but when people went out in a
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I did not make it home for 2 years, just like the journey to Texas, it's been 4 years and my wife must be worried sick, but not to give up Like Odysseus’ wife in the Odyssey. On the news the following year, I sat with my wife and kid and on the news they asked who had saved the United States of America and how did he or she do it? I never stood up and told anyone that I did it, what was the purpose of doing that? But next, I am planning to save the rest of the world, yet that's another story to

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