Personal Narrative: My Trip To Sacramento

Pages: 3 (582 words) / Published: Oct 4th, 2017
So, my trip from Los Angeles to Sacramento was very different from my other trips. Sure I once when on a road trip to Portland by land, but it was actually different. Our family basically had 3 days to go anywhere we wanted to, and we brought only a few supplies. On road trips, my family just goes yolo on the spot. Whatever is there to eat we eat whatever there is and everything we do it like what is available. So it started after getting out of our hotel. We drove for the next 1 ½ hour just driving to the lake. Even though doing research and other things such as where to go and where to eat we were pretty confident. I didn’t even expect a lot of people there. When we arrived we went from a smooth paved road to an unstable road and it was pretty much very hard to drive in. So we drove for the next 15-20 minutes off-road and finally saw the waters. …show more content…
Lake Tahoe had nearly about as many people as it could almost hold. It had so much people and boats were all over there in order to go fishing. We thought at first that the entire Lake Tahoe was just businesses, shops and stores. And , BOY we were wrong. On the east side of the lake. There were lodgings, restaurants, stores, and gas stations. Though on the west side of the lake , it was quiet and there were camping spots and very quiet with fireplaces burning all over the place. Then we weren't really that prepared for the camping. At first we thought that they weather would not be that cold and so then we decided to camp there because of the traffic. Then we couldn’t really eat anything and we were stuck and we had no sleeping bag and we had no lighter and just sat there at the camping site shivering in the cold. As we slept, I held my multi-use knife in my hand (cause you never know when you need it) with only a small towel to keep me

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